Why is Valentine’s Day the best day for celebration?

Because you can party hearty!

Now we have all had a typical Valentine’s day, romantic candle lit dinner, odd chocolates you can’t identify, and a hallmark card that makes you feel special, and perhaps a corny joke or two? Valentine’s day is a holiday to show your love for those special to you. But why are we always focusing on only our partners? Why not spend this year different. Here are three alternative Valentine’s dates for you to try! Spread the love my friends!

  1. Galentine’s Day!
    Grab a couple of your best friends 20170130_121610and head to Magazine Nail for pedicures and manicures! Then walk just a door down to NO Fleas Market for a little resale retail therapy. Spend time shopping for the perfect jeans or sassy cocktail dress. Spending money has never been so fun, there will be a sweetheart sale from February 1-14th, 25% off everything in the shop! And don’t forget No Fleas benefits 15 local animal rescues, every item is tagged with a different rescue you’ll be supporting! After you are shopped out pop into The Standard for a cocktail, discuss what you will be cleaning out of closet to make room for your new purchases! Cheers ladies!
  2. Baby, be mine.
    16422296_1431308340221531_2202394737311188684_oEvery parent loves the valentines their children bring home. Perhaps you have spent time with your children making valentines for grandma, or a teacher. This year why not do more? Drag your five year old into your closet and have them help you clean it out. Is there anyone more honest than your own flesh and blood? Everyone has more clothes than they need, and it’s nice to have someone there to tell what should stay and what should go. Are you really going to wear that bridesmaid dress again? Once you have filled a bag head down to NO Fleas Market and drop off your donation. You can pick your favorite rescue to benefit! Donating your clothes and home goods to a non-profit is an excellent time to teach your child an easy way to give back to your community and spread the love. Lots of the rescues we benefit are seeking volunteers, maybe take time to head over to the Louisiana SPCA and see how you and your family can do more for the adoptables in our community. You might even find the ultimate valentine, a new furry friend.
  3. I will love you furever.
    There is one family member often forgotten on Valentine’s Day. The family pet! Why not treat your fish or turtle to a new aquatic plant? Bring your feline home a new scratch pad? Maybe some catnip? Have you heard they make cat wine now? As for your dog, get outside! Make a special trip to the dog park, take a stroll down Magazine Street, there are lots of pet friendly establishments like Peaches Records and NO Fleas Market that are waiting to meet your pooch with treats in hand. We also sell a small variety of leashes and pet accessories, your dog will feel like a brand new canine with a new collar on! How will you show your pet your love them this Valentine’s Day?

Do you have an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration or are you a traditionalist?