Take your dog to work – It’s good for your health!

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

While having a cute and cuddly office assistant is the most obvious benefit, additional perks of bringing Fido to work can actually improve your health, work ethic and workplace relationships!

As a pet parent, I can’t tell you how many times

Give Nola-0636
Cuddling at work with my two dogs Papi and Foxie.

 I’ve been at work when bad weather rolls in or I get a notification that there’s a power outage in my neighborhood while it’s 90° F outside and the first thing that comes to mind are my two dogs. One of them HATES rainy weather, loud noises, the current political atmosphere, etc. He gets so anxious and stressed that it makes me anxious and stressed. How do you fix that? Easy – bring him to work with me! It’s so much easier for me to focus on work when I know that my fur children are happy and safe right here with me as type this missive.


Now that we’re not stressing about how our pets are doing at home, we can turn our attention to the stress caused at the workplace. As with most things, there are good days and there are bad days in the office. One of my favorite ways to let of some steam at work is to either take my dogs on a walk or spend some time with one of the adoptable animals at our rescue center. Imagine it – deadlines are coming at you from all directions, someone stole your lunch from the fridge and then your pup looks up at you with eyes that say “It’s going to be OK. You got this!” If that doesn’t help melt away the stress then nothing will!


I’ve successfully convinced you that bringing your dog with you to work will help you stay, calm, cool and collected, but we have to convince bosses that it’s also a benefit for them. People have found increased dedication to the job when employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work. How can this be? Consider this scenario:

Your eight hour work day is nearly done. You’re wrapping up a few tasks and gathering up your belongings when your boss asks for something done before you leave. The task will take another hour or so which you don’t have because Fido has been holding in his bladder since 8 a.m.! 

This problem is eliminated when your dog can come to work making it more likely for employees to work longer hours if needed. Just be sure to take breaks throughout the day!

Another workplace benefit will appeal to those in Human Resources. It’s been shown that pets in the workplace break down cubicle/office barriers which leads to better relationships among coworkers. Talk about a morale booster! I don’t know about you, but work is more enjoyable when coworkers are also your friends.

Give Nola-0585Before you get your canine companion in the car for a trip to office, you should make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Make sure you have the OK from a manager or supervisor
  • Bring anything you need to keep your dog calm and happy at the office. For example, a favorite toy or special treat.
  • Make sure to bring a leash and collar
  • Give your coworkers a heads up that you’ll be bringing in your dog just in case someone has allergies or a fear of dogs. A little consideration for others goes a long way!


If your workplace isn’t suitable for pets to visit, considering coordinating a pet supply drive in your office to help out your local shelter or rescue center!